Aluminum Foil On Grill


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Aluminum foil: A material that is directly pressed into thin sheets of metal aluminum. Because of its soft texture and good ductility, it is widely used in aviation food packaging, meat packaging, cable wire foil, building insulation and so on.

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The aluminum foil, which is fully annealed and softened after rolling, is soft and has excellent sealing and barrier properties. Almost all products that require strict opacity and high barrier are packaged in aluminum foil.

For example, the rectangular box packaging of milk we drink every day is a sterile bag made of aluminum foil composite material; for example, a cigarette box, in addition to the shiny outer shell of aluminum foil composite material, there is also a piece of aluminum foil paper inside to keep The fragrance of tobacco; another example is the packaging of chicken essence, medicine, toothpaste, ointment, cosmetics, and red wine bottle caps, which are also made of aluminum foil. In addition, foodies all know that aluminum foil plays an important role in grilling and cooking, and this is also the most direct use of aluminum foil that we usually come into contact with.

Why do we use aluminum foil to wrap the food when we grill, because it can evenly heat the inside and outside of the food so that it will not be charred, and it can also maintain the original flavor and beautiful luster of the food, and it is clean and hygienic.