board of sharehoulders

  • Board of shareholders, the top authority in the company, makes decisions and resolutions for company’s operation and investment plans, as well as electing board directors/supervisors.

  • Board of directors, a decision-making organization under the authorization of the board, guides and monitors business operations of the company and makes decisions on important issues in the company strategy and operation within the scope of authority granted by the shareholding’s meeting. It is consisted of the nomination committee, the remuneration committee and the auditing committee to assist and support the board.

  • The supervisory board is mainly responsible for supervising the financial and business status of the company, and normative operation of the board directors and other officers.

  • The company implements General Manager Responsibility System under the leadership of the board. General Manager is the person of the highest responsibility in charge of business operation and risk management.

  • Dahua CPA is employed as the accounting agent of Henan Zhongxin Aluminum Co.,Ltd, and is mainly responsible for auditing the annual financial report, appraising the exactness and integrity of the company’s financial statement according to the accounting standards and auditing procedures, and delivering auditing opinions for the financial reports.


Declaration is made by list.

Profit Distribution

The company now seeks opinions from investors on profit distribution for the year 2014. The profit distribution in recent three years is as follows:

YearCash Bonus (tax included)Net Profit in tde ConsolidatedStatement tdat Belongsto tde Stockholders of tde Listed CompanyNet Profit Percentage in tde Consolidated Statement tdat Belongs to tde Stockholders of tde Listed Company (%)
20144177.56million Yuan17747.83million Yuan23.54%
20134,010.00million Yuan5,943.20million Yuan67.47%
20124,010.00million Yuan6,333.08million Yuan63.32%
20114,010.00million Yuan25,617.43million Yuan15.65%