What Is Wood Grain Transfer Aluminum Plate


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Wood grain transfer aluminum plate, also known as imitation wood grain aluminum veneer, has good durability and fire resistance as a decorative material, and can realize various complex shapes, and can be used as a substitute for wooden decorative plates in special parts. The external decoration effect can be consistent with the wooden decorative board, which solves the fire protection problem existing in the wooden decorative board. It has the characteristics of wood texture, aluminum plate, lifelike appearance, strong plasticity, and can be used for furniture production, doors and windows production, etc.

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The wood grain transfer aluminum plate is a decorative material that uses high-grade aluminum alloy as the main material. Through the transfer process, the texture and color of the wood are presented on the aluminum plate. Its size, shape, and degree of bending can be customized according to design and use requirements. It has many advantages and is a common material for indoor and outdoor decoration.

Wood grain transfer aluminum panels commonly used wood grain colors in the design are: walnut, beech, oak, elm, pineapple, ebony, red sandalwood and other wood grains, and can also be customized according to requirements.

Wood grain transfer aluminum sheet has developed rapidly in recent years due to its environmental protection, realistic wood grain appearance, and diverse designs. It has become more and more widely used in aluminum profile curtain walls, doors and windows and all-aluminum homes, becoming the aluminum profile industry. One of the new growth points.