What Is Aluminium Composite Panel?


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The common aluminum-plastic panel is a composite sheet of plastic + aluminum veneer, which not only retains the characteristics of plastic materials, but also overcomes the shortcomings of plastic materials through metal materials.

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Aluminum composite panel is a general term, which mainly refers to the chemically-treated coated aluminum panel (aluminum veneer) as the surface material through various complicated processing methods, compounded on a suitable base material, and finally formed into an aluminum composite panel. According to different composite base materials, aluminum composite panels have different material properties.

Another common aluminum composite panel is the honeycomb aluminum panel: it is a composite material composed of honeycomb metal + aluminum veneer. In addition to retaining the veneer performance characteristics of the aluminum veneer, the honeycomb metal structure base layer greatly compensates for the easy bending of the aluminum veneer. In more and more large space occasions, to ensure the flatness of the veneer material , Will use this material.