Let Aluminum Foil Lunch Box "Save" Takeout Packaging "Garbage Besieged"


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Chinese President xi jinping has given important instructions on garbage classification, stressing the need to develop the good habit of garbage classification, make efforts to improve living environment and contribute to green development and sustainable development.Subsequently, Shanghai, as the pilot of the garbage classification policy, has been fully implemented since July 1, 2019, followed by 46 major cities including Beijing.

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Then how to classify, how to dispose of, which kind of garbage is easy to deal with, which kind of garbage is easy to recycle and so on these questions also became the hot spot of current discussion and focus.There is no doubt that the purpose of the classification is to divert waste, to utilize existing manufacturing capacity, to recycle recycled materials, both material and energy, and to dispose of temporarily unusable garbage in landfills.eventually achieve the goal of reducing the processing cost and reducing the consumption of land resources, with social, economic and ecological benefits.

However, with the prevalence of Internet ordering, it is not difficult to find that plastic fast food boxes account for a large proportion of the daily garbage we produce.According to incomplete statistics, China USES more than 60 million plastic lunch boxes every day, that is to say, more than 20 billion plastic lunch boxes are produced every year, and convenient noodle bowls are up to 1 billion. Waste plastic accounts for about 7% of household garbage. It can be seen that we have been trapped in the "garbage besieged" of takeout packaging.In the plastic products used in the takeout materials are mostly polypropylene, polyethylene, these materials are difficult to be degraded.Currently, Meituan take-away, China cuisine association, China environmental protection foundation and several catering takeout brand launched the green food industry (green) of article 10 of the convention ", including "promote the use of green tableware" content, and called for the research community to provide intellectual support for industry, research and development of high-quality low-cost biodegradable green boxes.

Relative to plastic dining boxes, aluminum foil dining boxes are safe and environmentally friendly, especially easy to recycle the advantages, can show the hand of god, bear the heavy responsibility.

Aluminum foil as a dining box, catering containers have more characteristics and advantages.Including: safety and health, high and low temperature resistance, green environmental protection, renewable energy, good sealing, high-grade beautiful, convenient and fast.At present, the use of aluminum foil containers  and household food packaging has been very common.However, due to the consumption habits, consumption concepts, awareness and other reasons, there are great differences in consumption areas and levels in various countries and regions, so there is still great potential for development and application.In China, in recent years, in addition to the aviation aluminum foil dining boxes, has begun to promote the use of aluminum foil dining boxes and containers in the daily life of residents.The market development and application examples of relevant enterprises also show that the aluminum foil fast food box is suitable for China's national conditions, which can completely enter the catering takeaway, delivery and pre-packaged food industry, and can also be used at home, replacing a large number of plastic and paper meal boxes.It can be said that the expanded application of aluminum foil lunch boxes and containers is an important choice to promote green consumption, protect food safety, save food, and practice the concept of green sustainable development.