Anti-corrosion Measures For Aluminum Foil Rolls


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According to the analysis of the causes of aluminum foil corrosion, in the production process, in order to prevent corrosion of the aluminum foil coil, the following corresponding measures should be taken.

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  1. Strengthen the management of the air dryer to ensure that there is no moisture in the compressed air.

  2. Strengthen the management of rolling oil and control its water content.

  3. The packaging of aluminum foil rolls should be sealed, and each roll should be put in an appropriate amount of desiccant.

  4. The humidity of the wooden shaft and the box board of the packaging box is not more than 18%, and the temperature of the packaging aluminum coil is not more than 45 degrees Celsius.

  5. Do not open the sealed package immediately when transporting from a low temperature area to an area with high temperature and high humidity.

  6. Aluminum foil rolls should not be placed on the roofs of workshops and warehouses where there is rain or snow leakage.

  7. When transporting aluminum foil from a low temperature area to a high temperature area, the sealing of the package should be strengthened, and a desiccant should be added when necessary.

  8. When packaging aluminum foil products in the rainy season, seal the packaging and add a desiccant.