aluminum sheet for can ring
Packaging Aluminum
Aluminum packaging materials include pure aluminum, aluminum alloy, aluminum foil, etc.,mainly used in the packaging of food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Applications and Demands

aluminum foil for food
Application Advantages
Thermal conductivity, light weight, shape formability, resource saving, cyclicity, hygienic security
Product Demands

Product Alloy: 10603104310580118021,etc.

Product Feature: good moisture-proof performance, shading performance and high hinder performance.

Our Advantages

  • aluminum foil for pharmaceuticals

    Precise thickness control
    Full hydraulic control, high precision pressure sensor and servo valve ensure a good shape. The annual output of the aluminum foil mill reaches 20,000 tons.
  • Lunch box aluminum foil

    High precision slitting machine
    Centering and positioning are achieved by hydraulically driven applications.
  • aluminum coil machine

    Top leader
    Quality first,reputation first,customer first

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