Precautions For The Use Of Colored Aluminum Coils


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The exquisite surface and quality of colorful aluminum coils have become the best choice for users. Because of the different applications, they need to pay special attention to the application. Then, what should we pay attention to when using colorful aluminum coils?

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If it is to be put into use, it must be at a normal temperature, the temperature must not be too hot or too cold, and if it is used as a roof, the height must not be less than 10 degrees.

Before installation, check in time to ensure that the roofing material has no signs of wear, to ensure that it can be used normally, and to ensure the life of use under normal conditions.

The bolt heads that fix the colorful aluminum coils should be sealed with a strong waterproof material to prevent rainwater from entering and rusting.

The ambient temperature for the processing of colorful aluminum coils should be above 7°C. The gap between the processing rollers should be adjusted according to the thickness of the colorful aluminum coils, and foreign objects on the roller surface and pallet should be removed; at the same time, it is necessary to check whether the double-sided paint of the colorful aluminum coils is peeled off. If the paint is peeled off, the reason should be found out and the measures should be adopted before continuous processing.

If you want to ensure the construction quality of colorful aluminum coils, you must install them in accordance with the above conditions.