6061 Aluminum Plate Used As Aluminum Alloy Baffle For Underground Garage


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A garage generally refers to a place where people use to park their cars. The underground garage is to reduce the area occupied by ground parking, and is a parking lot in an underground building. The construction of underground garages requires the construction of underground garage baffles to prevent water from entering, and to a certain extent, to avoid damage to cars caused by reservoir water.

The underground garage baffle is made of aluminum alloy. The aluminum used for the underground garage baffle depends on the composition and internal structure of the water baffle. The surface of the aluminum alloy is oxidized to produce a mysterious protective film, which increases the corrosion resistance of the aluminum alloy water baffle.

6061 automotive aluminum sheet.jpg6061 automotive aluminum plate.jpg

The aluminum alloy flap is exquisite and beautiful in appearance. The aluminum alloy flap has high strength and strong resistance to pressure and impact. It has sufficient strength and support, but also has excellent plasticity and toughness. The aluminum alloy flap has a beautiful surface and diverse use possibilities. Good corrosion performance, longer durability than ordinary water retaining plates, good corrosion resistance, high strength, fire resistance, bright and clean surface treatment, so aluminum alloy water retaining plates are easy to install, easy to maintain, clean, clean, and clean. Atmospheric new type of flap.

Aluminum alloy water baffle can use 6061 aluminum alloy.