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Development of new industrialization is the "root motivation"


Affected by the current market environment factors , Zhongwei City downward pressure on the industrial economy , industrial enterprise development situation is not optimistic , dynamic growth is clearly insufficient to support investment in the first quarter of this year, showing an overall slowdown of the industrial economy running posture . "Although economic output has declined, but the industrial structure optimization is increasingly clear, sharp decline yuan GDP energy consumption ." Zhongwei City Mayor Xu Liqun said the new industrialization is the "root motivation " of economic development. In order to achieve the "Save volume, grab incremental structural adjustment" of industrial development goals , we must develop new industries as a breakthrough in industrial development , accelerate new industrialization " shift speed ."

Xu Liqun said that as soon as possible to promote new industrialization strategy, we must expand the incremental and revitalize the stock , to promote transformation and upgrading of the industrial economy to accelerate , focusing on fostering the development of new materials , new energy , information technology industry , expand the industrial scale, upgrade to halfback leading industries. Increase investment in efforts to promote new industrial projects in a timely landing defender , involving new industrial industrial projects to give priority to grasp, priority club , priority coordination. Enhance the government , the banks , the ability to interact between enterprises, in particular, to strengthen inter- enterprise product cycle internal efforts to achieve defender of domestic enterprises hold together " heating " synergistic development. Any yuan GDP energy consumption is lower than the national standard , consistent with national environmental policy requirements, to meet market demand for industrial development projects , Zhongwei City will open its doors to give the best industry support .

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