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China Aluminium Network won the 2014 Best Value Award Industry


On the Ninth Conference of Chinese e-commerce for SMEs cum 2014 China ( Henan ) e-commerce cross-border trade summit just concluded , Hangzhou Yi Information Technology Co., Ltd. China Aluminium Network 's award -winning 2014 Best Value Award in the industry , as the largest domestic customers , the aluminum industry 's most influential , domestic aluminum enterprise business interactive platform , China Aluminium Network on the road to promote the development of the industry has entered a new stage.
At 9:00 on April 3 , at the summit was held in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Centre . Well-known e-commerce experts , well-known e-commerce companies , traditional companies , electronic payment and express logistics business executives , more than 1,300 people attended the meeting , gathered to discuss development plans . " China E-Commerce Conference for SMEs " as a traditional business -oriented e-commerce applications, the largest and most influential industry event , the scale of previous participants were more than 1,000 people, has been successfully held in Beijing , Hangzhou, Ningbo, Shenzhen and other places eighth , the Ministry of Commerce and other relevant departments of the ministries as the guiding unit of the General Assembly , is the grand Chinese SME e-commerce development , is a barometer of e-commerce .
In the scene , held a grand ceremony, issued 2013 annual industry e-commerce sites of individual awards , 2013 Annual China B2B industry websites Impact Award in 2013, the top 20 e-commerce applications for SMEs and cross-border electricity providers serving ideas 2014 FY Award. China Aluminium Network won the 2014 Best Value Award Industry

China Aluminium Network was founded 12 set , has been adhering to the road of specialization Aluminium information dissemination , corporate branding efforts aluminum building the best platform has always been at the forefront of the development of the industry , insight into market trends , grasp the development trend. This award , for China Aluminium Network is an affirmation, a support , thanks to the way customers go hand in hand , we will return the truth , and live Qing grace.

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