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  • Indonesian ban on mineral export forces China to find other bauxite sourcesIndonesian ban on mineral export forces China to find other bauxite sources Tuesday, May 06, 2014 China, the leader in aluminium industry is facing an increasing shortage of bauxite after the Indonesia’s mineral export ban came into effect, said Wood M
  • China reveals first batch of approved bauxite, alumina, aluminum companiesChina reveals first batch of approved bauxite, alumina, aluminum companies Wednesday, Jan 15, 2014 China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced a list of bauxite, alumina and aluminum mines/producers that have met the entry requirem
  • Alcoa (Alcoa) followed by the development of the automotive industry.Alcoa Inc. (Alcoa) expected future development of the automotive and aerospace markets quickly, the automotive industry and later in the year will bring many opportunities. Because car manufacturers are increasingly inclined to cost-saving metal materials
  • Development of new industrialization is the "root motivation"Affected by the current market environment factors , Zhongwei City downward pressure on the industrial economy , industrial enterprise development situation is not optimistic , dynamic growth is clearly insufficient to support investment in the first quar
  • Inside and outside the aluminum will be synchronizedInside and outside the aluminum will be synchronized with the current cost of imports , domestic aluminum prices and the LME aluminum price ( March period ) usually maintains a 10:1 relationship. But when the domestic spot supply is tight , this proportio
  • List of metal production in China in JuneThe following is the June copper, aluminum, aluminum, zinc, lead, iron and steel production in the National Bureau of Statistics. Unit: June 1-6 tons per month (t) YoY% yield (tons) of refined copper increased by 212,400 19.3% 1,176,200 28.2 3,432,300 17.
  • China Aluminium Network won the 2014 Best Value Award IndustryOn the Ninth Conference of Chinese e-commerce for SMEs cum 2014 China ( Henan ) e-commerce cross-border trade summit just concluded , Hangzhou Yi Information Technology Co., Ltd. China Aluminium Network 's award -winning 2014 Best Value Award in the indus
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